August 12th (and the future of this site)

Alright so I’m back (again). I’ve finished with all of my assigned school essays and I’m back on track with my schoolwork in general, so now I have more time for creative and personal writing again! And with that I’ve decided to announce my upcoming major fiction project and rebrand this. So here’s the new set up:

Firstly to address the date. I mentioned earlier this year that I’ve decided to rewrite one of my older novel. Well recently I’ve decided to release it as a Web Novel. Right now what I’m doing is building up a backlog of chapters so that I don’t have to worry too much about deadlines. Each chapter will come out about 30 days after it is finished once a week every Monday starting August 12th (there’s that date). I’m not ready to say anything else about the story yet but more details will come as that date gets closer. Incidentally shout out to Thedude3445 whose advice and web novel “ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture” (check it out for him) inspired me to write it in this way. If it goes like I want it I’ll hopefully be finished with it a year from now and be able to move on to new projects.

Now, as for the re-branding. See the Web Novel is going to be on its own site as a standalone work of fiction. Separating the art from the artist if you will. I had formerly used this site as more or less a hub for all my writing but I think in general this would be better as a dumping ground for any non-project related writing. Reviews, updates, random shorts, old projects I dig up, and maybe the occasional shitposts. Basically what it’s always been but hopefully I’ll start updating more.

Anyway that’s all for now, more to come later.

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